Friday, October 21, 2016


even when you don't noticed.

How I found out about Gabby Bernstein ?
About a few months back I started to feel disappointed about myself , I was feeling down.
I felt that I hadn't accomplished anything. So I started to look for self improving, positive or motivational videos,
so as I was watching some youtube videos one of Gabby Bernstein videos came across and I
instantly felt blown away,  felt connected, felt like she could help me feel better.

My story on manifesting 
 I felt so connected to Gabby that my desire was to meet her .
Months later she announced her book THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK , and a week later she announced
 a free workshop regarding her new book, but the location of the event was In New York.
 I was indecisive about going because I live in Chicago and plus didn't have the money
for airplane ticket, hotel and others expenses, and  for a whole week I couldn't stop thinking about it
until I felt an energy pulling and telling me that I had to go.  And so everything just felt together and left for New York.

A little story at the the event.  I was having a really bad back pain, then she ask if anyone had any questions and one girl ask.
What could she do for a pain in her body that she had been having for years ?
 Gabby said : have you try tapping meditation.
then she ask for anyone that wanted to, to tap along and so I started tapping and at the end not only the girls pain was less, but the pain in my back was gone, it was incredible I was amaze about what was just happen.
At the end she did a book signing and I sure did let her know about how much she had help me, and how the tapping meditation had helped with the back pain I was having.

 It wasn't until everything was over that I
 realized that it was exactly what I had desired .

 It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget .
Thank you Universe.
Thank you New York for the good times.

by Gabby Bernstein